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Re: Eating insects in Chiang Mai (video)

10 Sep

Since I bought a cheapy netbook, I have now had the time to upload a video (leaving it on over night). Here it is:


Eating insects in Chiang Mai

22 Aug

I’ve always wanted to try eating a  cooked beetle  and yesterday I got to do it. There was a market in the old town part of Chiang Mai, and a woman behind one of the stalls was selling fried insects.

I bought a mixed bag of crickets, silk worms, whirligigs, beetles, grass hoppers, and cicadas for 20 baht (the equivalent of 40p).

The black beetle was smooth and salty to suck, crunchy, and soft on the inside. However the silk worms were the most interesting, despite the tray of them looking like dried up maggots. After I took a bite, tangy cicada juice spurted out into my mouth but once I started chewing, it kind of reminded me of prawns with a metal after taste.

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to finish the whole bag and Dom hated them but mixed in with a nice salad I reckon they’d be really tasty.