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Condoms, coffee beans, bottle tops and tyre bins

11 Sep

Being a lover of art made from junk it pleased me to see how resourceful the Thai are with their rubbish.

The condom man was taken in Pattaya in a restaurant called Cabbages & Condoms where the food is ‘guaranteed not to cause pregnancy’. The man who owns the place aimed to make condoms the same price as cabbages in Thailand and fund social development in the surrounding area.

Despite not being a huge fan of the coffee bean faces, it’s nice to see there’s a lack of flower photographs printed on canvases and ‘Ikea Art’  in cafes in Thailand. Also liked the idea of the beer bottle wall. The whole outside wall of a cafe in Chiang Khong was covered in bottles- perhaps the kind of thing a teenage boy might make in his room on a grander scale.

When we arrived in Chinag Khong I kept seeing all these huge pot/ cauldron things outside each house. I thought, how lovely, perhaps everyone in this town cooks together outside and they eat huge feasts on the street together. Dom pointed out that they were actually bins made from old tyres.


Pattaya Walking Street

20 Aug

Imagine the under city of any sci-fi future; sex, bright lights and shells of tourists. This is Pattaya’s Walking Street.

Neon glowing lights, loud music coming from every angle, clubs with girls dressed in odd costumes looking barely legal, Thai men coming up to you thrusting laminates of “Private girl shows” with such things on the menu as “Girl and Boy fucking show” or “Pussy Balloon show”. Now fill this space with 60+ year old tourists milling around looking confused/drunk/zombie/amazed, but also make this space as safe as a movie set, with pretty much no crime except for the occational brawl which the police deal with pretty quickly (so i’m told but we didn’t see any trouble at all).

It was such an odd/overwhelming place. I’m not sure if I like the spectacle of it all, but it was certainly a sight to be seen.

All this after spending the day time being shown round an amazingly well maintained/staffed school for disabled children. It felt like a leap from two extremes.

Now onward to the north of Thailand. Clare seems to have booked us into a meditation temple in 6 days time.

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