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Monsoon Season in Bangkok

17 Aug

Everyday at around 4:30 the rain starts pouring down and continues throughout the night. Not sure I’ve ever been so wet and wrinkly from the rain before. Also think we amused the local Thai people as they kept smiling and laughing when we walked past.



One day in Bangkok

17 Aug

Up at 6am.
Breakfast (including a little cup of coconut milk with sweet potato and young pine seeds)
BTS (Skytrain)
Tuktuk scam (round 1) looked like official information man, avoided.
Grand Palace/Statue of the Emerald Buddha
Amazing Veggie restaurant (had a wonderful chat)
Walk along canal to temple. (Clare not allowed in due to shorts).
Tuktuk scam (round 2) ‘helpful’ man in temple. “Only for today!”
Tuktuk scam (round 3) ‘police’ man telling us to avoid the Khao San road and take ‘government’ tuktuk “Only for today!”
Khao San Road crazy market, over-stimulation…
Sat on corner looking up things in guide.
Long walk to nearest BTS
Caught in monsoon rain.
Soaked till dripping (waterfalls down stairs)
Freezing BTS train.
Back in hostel.

And now for some photo’s:


We arrived!

16 Aug

After over 12 hours on a plane and 4 hours in a check in lounge (which I made Clare run to the check-in desk as I thought the gate was closing, turns out we had 2 hours…) we finally arrive at about 9am in Bangkok.

Now we’re shattered and feeling like I’m looking at everything from a distant. We had a quick wonder of the streets to get some street stall food and some water.

Hostel is very strange with long corridors of wooden slating making the inner corridors feel outdoor. (Pictures will come)

I think a possible nap is in order before we go wondering this afternoon.