Tubing in Vang Vieng, Laos

28 Sep

In an earlier post I mentioned that whenever I asked anyone about Laos, the first thing people talked about was the tubing. And now we’ve arrived at tubing central- Vang Vieng, I’m a bit fascinated.

The whole tubing craze apparently started in 1999 at a place called Mulberry Organic Farm, 4k away from here. The owner of the place would hand out rubber inner tubes for his volunteers to float down the river on and relax.

Fast forward a decade and this activity seems to be the thing that now defines Vang Vieng, so much so that it’s actually illegal to sell inflatable rings here now. They can only be rented from one of two tubing companies operating on alternate days to share the business.

Joe, the owner of Maylyn hostel where we’re staying said that he used to joke, “It’ll soon cost more to rent a tube than a room. And now it is.” The tubing companies must be making a small fortune! Joe also came up with the inventive term, ‘Post Modern Tubing’ for those who choose to tube in the PM when it’s generally busier and more of a party.

Later that afternoon we started chatting to a local nearby to our hostel who said that if we wanted to, we could borrow his tube which was kind of him. There would be no bars with people raving in the showers, free shots, or spray paint to mark our skin like cattle, but it’d still be tubing in Laos!

So, at around 3pm we got ready to tube! Equipped with a bottle of rice wine left over from Luang Prabang we wandered through rice fields lead by the daughter of one of the locals, and floated lazily down the river, stopping every now and again to enjoy the scenery and to jump off trees- Not quite the PM Party Tubing but certainly a fun experience.


One Response to “Tubing in Vang Vieng, Laos”

  1. Paul September 29, 2011 at 5:47 am #

    Great photos I should have done this with you guys!


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