In Vang Vieng the drug dealers come young

28 Sep

Happy Menu from a bar in Vang Vieng

We arrived in Vang Vieng last night; a place now well known for its tubing , ‘happy’ shakes and drunk, semi naked tourists. I like what Wiki Travel said about the place: “If teenagers ruled the world, it would look like Vang Vieng.”

After one night in the heart of the town we took a short walk over the bridge to the other side, which feels a bit like being on a farm (cows and chickens roam freely around), surrounded by incredible mountains and bright green rice fields. We’re now staying in a beautiful treehouse like, bungalow room overlooking the river, which you can swim in.

Dom jumped into the water pretty much as soon as we arrived and shortly after, 2 little naked Lou boys of about 6 dived in from the other side holding what looked like a yoghurt pot. After scavenging in the mud for a bit and filling the pot up more, one of them said, “You buy?”

Inside the pot were tiny mushrooms, presumably of the magic variety, which wouldn’t surprise me here as all the bars sell mushroom shakes and opium tea.

Vang Vieng- View from Maylyn Hostel room



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